The Voice Master: Asia Leaders Awards 2020’s Influencer of the Year Awardee

In an effort to recognize leaders making a significant difference in their own organizations and extending their hand for those in need amidst the pandemic, Makati Shangri-La Hotel Asia held the Leaders Awards 2020 last November 20, 2020. Filipino motivational speaker and famous voice artist Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales, has been awarded as the Influencer of the Year under the industry of voice acting.


On behalf of the Voice Master, certified voice artists Faith Pastrana and Jeff Perey were present at the glamorous night to receive the award. In Faith’s speech, she expressed how honored she was to receive the award for Mr. Pocholo and how she hopes more people would recognize him. She also shared her experiences working under him, as well as the many opportunities Sir Pocholo have given.

Faith Pastrana and Jeff Perey at the Asia Leader’s Awards 2020| Courtesy: Faith Pastrana’s post

The Voice Master was among the 26 leaders who were also awarded during the event for their hard work in making a difference in their own companies and beyond.