The VoiceMaster Discusses the Voice of Leadership at the Freedom Summit Global 2020

  Filipino motivational speaker Pocholo De Leon “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales talks about speaking with influence at the Freedom Summit Global 2020 Road to Freedom held on a webinar on October 1, 2020. The VoiceMaster delivered a brief introduction about himself as an author and as an influential speaker. He graced the session with a talk about the VoiceMaster and its visions to make the Philippines the center of voice acting in Asia.  

Pocholo also talked about how he sees the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, as the epitome of Filipino excellence and perfection. He told various stories about his travels, including how he always took a picture with a Rizal statue in each region he visited.   

The VoiceMaster continued his presentation by emphasizing the importance of speaking with influence as the primary voice of leadership; it is a trait that every leader possesses. He also discusses how their voices are sometimes overlooked despite being one of their most valuable qualities.   

He then went on to discuss three essential facts about the voice that every leader ought to be aware of; he mentioned how their speech has meaning because of their voice. The "wrong" voice may be costing them money, as well as their business or career. The VoiceMaster offered a program that helps leaders increase their influence by developing their voice and communication skills through the Voice Leadership. 

Pocholo continued his lecture about the importance of vocal image; he discusses the problematic voices a leader should know: Breathy voice, Nasal Voice, Gravelly or Husky voice. Consequently, he also gives tips on how to bring out a person's leader's voice, mostly on breathing techniques.  

Additionally, he emphasized the volume when it comes to projecting the leader’s voice, saying voice projection is not shouting, it should be strong and clear, the body must be relaxed, and it should be powered by air pressure from the chest.  

Finally, he ended his talk by elaborating the leader’s V.O.I.C.E: Versatile, Open, Insightful, Credible, Enthusiastic.


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